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Mardi Gras Floats
 Note: Adele Bielenberg's dates are two years earlier than these posted by current recorders of past Mardi Gras history.  It may well be that Miss Bielenberg's recollections as she approached 100 years of age may be more correct in view of the fact that the years of 1915 and 1916 preceded the 1917 opening salvos of World War I --- Also, a era for horrific hurricanes.  The September 29, 1915 storm played serious havoc all along the Gulf Coast followed on its heels by yet another, the next year, on July 5, 1916.

Floats were decorated Garbage wagons pulled by sheet covered mules

The "Columbia" float with Justine Kuhn, Louise Andressen Schribner, Aline Lizana Szwoboda, and Emma Woodruff.
The "Dixie" Float at pause
Jim Farrell and his "Minstrels"
on the "Dixie" Float
The Parade Band in 1916 included Ed Bielenberg, Justin Lassabe, Maurice O'Connor, George Cronovich, and John Loze.
The Columbia Float  1915
The Mermaids of 1915
Mermaids Hazel Adam Rembert, Mildred Spring, and Hazel Achmuty 1915
King Julius Hayden
and Queen Forrest Spring Hayden
1916 -- King Arthur II
The Carnival Indians were local costumed Negroes
The "Central States" Float 1916
Masked riders lead the parade 1916
Dukes on Horseback 1916
The "Mid Atlantic States" Float 1916
The "New England States" Float 1916
The "Western States"  Float 1916
King Arthur I -- Louis Martin and his Queen Ellen Courtenay Bohn
King Arthur II -- Julius J Hayden with Queen Forrest Spring Hayden presented Key to the City by Mayor  A. P. Saucier      
King Arthur III -- Albert Andressen and Queen Thelma Hanson Andressen 1917

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